Learn IoT and build Cool projects with clixx.io

clixx.io is a set of easy to use Electronics and Computer boards and projects that are suitable for many tasks.

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About us

Our Mission

clixx.io is a Startup dedicated to providing the first Internet Connected Generation in History with a new standard of Connectable Internet-of-Things Computer Devices.

Why our Products are Different

Our products are a mix of Japanese, German and Australian Styles.

Brief History

The Brief Story behind our products is Johannes Schmidt whilst working in Australia demonstrated a few uniquely German ways of working with the computer products.

On a trip to Japan, David embraced some of the Japanese influences to create computer Products that would work in a Japanese style.

There's now a whole range of different boards and IoT/Web Software available.

David Lyon at Akihabara

Shown above - David Lyon in Akihabara Japan


Shown above - Johannes Schmidt


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