Learn IoT and build Cool projects with clixx.io

clixx.io is a set of easy to use Electronics and Computer boards and projects that are suitable for many tasks.

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Easy-to-use Electronic Boards


Clixx.io is a system developed for prototyping and building small computer systems easily and quickly. It was originially designed to overcome some of the frustrations of wiring up parts to small microprocessors such as the Arduino.

Often with these systems connecting up one or two electronics is easy, but three, four or five different things becomes a real challenge. Often requiring a custom-circuit board to be made.

With clixx.io, we bring back the simplicity, allowing you to easily connect however you want.

Click together to Connect

With clixx.io, just plug the peripheral boards into where you need them to go and start programming straight away.

We’ve designed a range of boards that click together with no soldering or figuring out the connections.

Use with different types of Processors / Operating Systems

Want to compare how different processors work ? Clixx.io gives you peripherals that you can try with Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, BeagleBone, mBed, PIC, AVR and ARM.

We create peripheral boards that allow you to explore the features of the various different processor boards more easily. If you are not happy with one type of processor, easily move your system to another. It’s that simple.

Durable for Real-World Deployment

We hope you’ll discover the usefulness as well as the fun of this incredible collection of componentry and get the project that you’ve been wanting to get made completed and operational with clixx.io


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